** 2017 Club Exhibition at Artcetera **

10th October 2017
The Club held its inaugural Annual Print Exhibition in June 2017 at Artcetera Gallery, Belfast City Centre. Gerry Coe FRPS FBIPP from Bangor CC was the Judge, and he was extremely complimentary about the standard of the images entered. Gerry's task was to curate the entry of 135+ prints down to 100, before selecting individual prize winners. Our thanks to Gerry Coe for his time and effort and skills in doing the job!

Catchlight purchased 100 picture frames for 50x40 mounts to display the selected images, and the opening night saw visitors from several NIPA and IPF Clubs attend.

Many thanks to all the Club members who managed to create and display this exhibition from exactly 4 weeks notice! The enthusiasm of the members for exhibition photography was great to see, with novices through intermediate to advanced members all submitting work. Anyone whoe entered images, was guaranteed at least one acceptance - so the final exhibition was wholly representative of the overall standard within the Club.

Thank you to all the visitors and guests who attended during the 10 day exhibition, and for all the kind comments in the guestbook. And finally, our thanks to Olivier at Artcetera Gallery for hosting our first ever Annual Print Exhibition.

Top Novice Print Winner - John T Glover

Visitors Maureen and Gabriel O'Shaughnessy FIPF from Dundalk PS

Raphael Mason and Joe Carberry from Catchlight

Steven Ferguson and Shirley O'Neill from Catchlight

Colin Ross and Gerald Gribbon from Catchlight

Judge, Gerry Coe FRPS FBIPP and Dean Irvine Catchlight

Peter Knott Ards CC and Harry Dale Dungannon CC

Joe Vize and John Tinneny from Catchlight, with Brendan Tumilty AIPF from Dundalk PS

Chelle McGaughey CPA with Matthew Canning BPIC

Leslie Armour and Irvine Ferguson from Ards CC, with Vittorio Silvestri NIPA President from CPA

Club Vice Chairman David Campbell ARPS from Catchlight

Laurie Campbell from Catchlight

The "Winners Wall"