** Brian McClure CPAGB Success **

29th April 2016
Brian McClure was awarded the CPAGB Distinction at the weekend, in the Awards for Photographic Merit at Gateshead. Brian joined Catchlight 2 years ago as a novice member, and very quickly established himself as someone that was eager to learn, and eager to progress and improve.
The CPAGB is not an easy Distinction to get, as many NIPA photographers often find to their cost - 6 judges mark all the images images individually - this is not a 'panel' based Distinction like the LIPF or LRPS etc. The required score for a pass is 200 points, or an average of 20 points per image, and the images are marked according to the standard of what constitutes 'good Club Photography.' This standard seems to be increasing every year, as photographers in general are upping their game.

Brian got across the final hurdle with an impressive 219 points, and can now proudly put the CPAGB Distinction after his name.

Congratulations Brian! The 10 images along with their scores are shown below: