** Catchlight wins GB Cup for Small Clubs 2015 **

09th February 2015
Catchlight CC has managed another "1st" in National Competition, and another "1st" for NIPA by winning the GB Cup for Small Clubs in the Annual Competition run by the PAGB. Entry to the 'small clubs' competition is not determined by the number of members, but by the number/ability of the club members to produce an entry.
Although Catchlight CC has a membership of 40+, only 4 or 5 members actually enter the BPE National Exhibitions and/or FIAP International Salons. Needless to say, our entry was comprised of images from those members.

A slideshow of the winning entry:

The winning entry was as follows:

'Alien' by Bob Given: (13 points)

'Alone' by Ross McKelvey: (12 points)

Blue Eyes by Keith Elgin: (12 points)

Chainmail Beauty by Ross McKelvey: (14 points)

Hard Times by Hugh Wilkinson: (14 points)

Crunch Tackle by Hugh Wilkinson: (13 points)

High Atlas Children by Bob Given: (14 points)

Little Red Riding Hood by Bob Given: (13 points)

Lulu on the Rocks by Hugh Wilkinson: (13 points)

Storm Warning by Anne Given: (12 points)

Total Winning Score - 130 points