** Hugh Wilkinson DPAGB **

19th August 2015
At the PAGB Awards for Photographic merit in Ormskirk last weekend, Hugh Wilkinson achieved the coveted DPAGB Distinction. The DPAGB is awarded for 15 prints, each of which is scored individually by a panel of 6 judges. Once all 15 prints have been scored, you need a total score of 300 points, an average of 20 points per print. The prints are judged according to the standard of Open Exhibition Photography - namely, in the judges' opinion, are the prints more likely to be accepted into an Open Exhibition than not.
Hugh scored a hugely impressive 341 points, with one print scoring a whopping 29/30! His panel of 15 prints is shown below, along with the score for each image.

There are now 5 photographers in NIPA that currently hold the DPAGB Distinction for photography - Anne Given, Keith Elgin, Bob Given and Hugh Wilkinson, all from Catchlight, and Kieran Murray from Banbridge CC.

During the coming season, Catchlight will be holding a Distinctions evening, where we will display a whole range of successful Distinction Panels, and the authors will be present to give you feedback/advice as required. This will be open to all NIPA Club members.

Catchlight Camera Club
August 2015